How to connect Internet on laptop by mobile phone

From a few number of years, we can access Internet through our mobile phone. In all over world and especially Asia, it has become the primary way for surfing the Internet as it brings lots of advantages such as it is affordable and convenient. The cost of handset is very less as compared to a computer. Apart from this, it is also convenient for us to access whenever we go out.

The usage of mobile phones for Internet is not only most popular in the particular country, but it is also rapidly growing up in across the world. If you want to access Internet through mobile, you should have cell phone enabled with WAP or Wireless Internet connection.

How to connect Mobile for Internet access?

WAP or Wireless Application Protocol, an open international standard, is well known web browser specially developed for providing internet access for cell phones and PDAs. It allows its hi-end users for accessing the information instantaneously through handheld wireless devices like mobile phones, two way radios, pagers, smartphones and communicators.

This protocol was designed in a different way than the World Wide Web, users can view best websites specifically designed for WAP. So, get a smaller, revised version of what is on the web. There are myriad of WAP based services offering the ability to check emails, obtain movie listings, and check stock quotes, flight timings or many more services. For mobile devices, there are specifically designed services such as 4INFO. Besides, Google also offers a wireless search service designed specifically for the devices.

For using the wireless Internet, a mobile phone can connect to a Mobile phone service provider’s data service or can be used as a modem with a laptop to connect to an ISP (Internet Service Provider). For example, Cingular, Verizon, and Sprint all offer exclusive data service plans for accessing internet access.

What is needed for Internet access?

If you want to access Internet on mobile, you must have web enabled cell phone. The phone should be either dual mode or tri mode as it can handle both voice calls and data transmission. Moreover, the mobile phone service provider must transmit through digital signals vs. analog signals. Apart from this, mobile phone user should be aware of the data service plans to be well acquainted with any charges associated with the service plan. If you need any cable or software for connecting phone to laptop, it should be provided by service provider.

Other considerations :-

Before availing new service/product, an individual should take demo of the service/product as many service providers don’t offer equal connection speed. When you go for buying a new mobile, you must consider its display size as newer PDA phones come with larger screens. So it will be convenient to you to connect.  However, if you want to get information on stock quotes, weather, sports etc. or check emails, the small screen size will not be problem for you. But smaller key pads, occasional connection disruption, less memory and less power can be drawbacks of using a cell phone for internet access but improvements continue to occur. On the whole, for those who like to stay connected the affordability and convenient, the internet access through a cell phone will be an excellent option.

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