Unlock USB Data Card- Use any sim for internet

Are you looking for a broadband modem that will allow you to access Internet on the go? So there will be two types of broadband – Lock and unlock. Lock data cards are those that will permit you to access only one Internet service provider (ISP). For instance, if you’re currently using MTNL SIM a particular dongle, you can use only the services of MTNL. On the other hand, unlock USB broadband modem is available to all service provider not stick to one network provider.
If you have an unlock data card, you can switch any network. For using any network or SIM card, you have to enter the unlock code ‘NCK’ once. The NCK code is suitable only with Vodafone, ZTE and Huawei products. An unlock data card will also permit you to use 3G modems globally.

Some advantages of unlock broadband modems are:

1. Unlock USB modem will allow you switch any network provider. Such as, if you’re using Reliance data card, you can not access any CDMA network, but by unlock cdma data card you canaccess any CDMA network.

2. You can use 3G modems around the world. Because if you enter in non 3g area then your data card will active with 2g signals also.

However, it brings lots of advantages for its hi-end customers. But the cost of this device may be higher as compare to lock broadband modem.  The reason behind that telecom company wants to provide their services to the customers. That’s why the company of locked the data card provides many offers to its hi-end consumers.

Advantages Of Locked Modem

1. Some Time in Bulk Advanced Payment you may get Free data card.
2. Get Full Customer Support

We are providing some unlock data card Specification:

Huawei E1550 HSDPA USB wireless card with SD Slot
E1550 Sample/Retail Price: Rs.1600/- (nearly)
GSM/GRPS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHZ
HSDPA data transfer speed up to 3.6Mbps
USB interface
install automatically and easy to use
Micro SD memory card slot(up to 4GB)
Huawei E270 – Price Rs. 2490/- (nearly)
UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA 850/1900/2100MHz
GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz
EGPRS Multi-slot Class 12
HSDPA Downlink 7.2Mbps; HSUPA Uplink 2Mbps
UMTS Downlink / Uplink 384kbps
EDGE Downlink / Uplink 236.8kbps
Micromax – MMX 310G HSDPA USB Modem
HSDPA 3GPP R5, up to 3.6 Mbps DL and 384 Kbps UL, category 5/6
UMTS up to 384 Kbps DL and UL
EDGE 3GPP Release4, class 12, up to 237 Kbps DL and 118Kbps UL GPRS up to 85,6 Kbps DL and 42,8 Kbps UL
Frequency Band
GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz UMTS 2100 MHz
Huawei E169
HSDPA UMTS (900 2100MHz) . GSM GPRS EDGE (850 , 900 , 1800 , 1900MHz).
Shape : USB Stick
Support data statistics .
Download Speed = 7.2 Mbps
Upload speed = 384 Kbps.

USB 2.0 480Mbps interface . (Compatible to almost all type of computer). Plug & Play .
Fully support All GSM operators .
OS Compatible list : Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista & Mac OS.
Huawei – E177 – New ArrivalHSUPA – Download 7.2Mbps – Upload 5.76Mbps
Multimode HSUPA, HSDPA / U MTS / EDGE / GPRS / GSM card
Provides HSUPA, HSDPA and UMTS High-speed data (up to 7.2 Mbps) connectivity for mobile users
Provides EDGE / GPRS I GSM data connectivity
Transparent hand-over between UMTS and GSM / EDGE network
Future proofing through Flash Memory technology
System Requirements
Windows® XP SP2 / VISTA spl/windows 7
Mac OS X 10.5 or higher (only support INTEL plafform)

Unlock Broadband Modems

  • Micromax 200C Rs. 800 (nearly)
  • Micromax 200G Rs. 2300 (nearly)
  • Micromax 310G Rs. 3000 (nearly)
  • Micromax 350G Rs. 3250 (nearly)
  • Micromax 611U Rs. 4000 (nearly)

Locked Broadband Modems


  • Airtel 3G Rs. 2400 (nearly)
  • Airtel Edge Rs. 2000 (nearly)
  • Micromax 300G Rs. 3500 (nearly)
  • Micromax 200G Rs. 2500 (nearly)
  • Capitel 2G – Edge / GPRS 1500 (nearly)
  • Capitel 3GRs 2400 (nearly)


  • Vodafone 3g USB Stick Rs. 1600 (nearly)

Idea cellular

  • High Speed 3G Netsetter E1550 Rs. 1600 (nearly)

TATA Docomo

  • HSDPA Rs. 1999 (nearly)
  • HSUPA Rs. 2600 (nearly)
  • HSPA + USB modem Rs. 3500 (nearly)
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52 Responses to Unlock USB Data Card- Use any sim for internet

  1. vinobharath says:

    i like to know about the service facility and warranty available for the huawei 3g data card, and any huawei sevice center available in salem or coimbatore- waiting for u r reply i am planing to buy it as soon as possible…….

  2. naveen says:

    how to unlock the mts data card of ZTE corporation

    • MNR says:

      For using OMH R-UIM in mblaze premium (ZTE AC2766), first you need to unlock your mblaze and then only it will accept any OMH R-UIM of mts, tata or reliance in it and you can access the high speed 3x internet.
      Actually after unlocking your mblaze premium will act like a dual sim phone, so the mts no. pre-programmed in it can also remain intact along with the enabled R-UIM slot.
      MTA MBlaze Standard (ZTE AC2746) can also be unlocked and used same way but after unlocking one has to install a SIM Tray in it to hold R-UIM card in its slot. This can be done at the cost of around Rs. 50 only.
      For unlocking you will have to pay Rs. 500 to the person and along with TO & FRO courier charges, i.e. you will have to send your modem on his address and get it back from him after unlocking and have to bare these courier charges for both sending and receiving.
      After unlocking this modem works great with any OMH R-UIM at HSIA 3x internet speed. I have unlocked my modem so I can tell this with full confidence. 😀

      • manish says:

        can u please give me a call on7890533524 or contect by mail on manish_eyl@yahoo.co.in.bcz i want to talk to u before sending my device to u.

      • SOURAV says:

        Please help me I unlocked mts AC2766 using the following steps:send spc 000000 and wrote RUIM if available.But when I put a normal Reliance CDMA(non-OMH) simcard.There is no network in the phone.But when I remove it there is signal in the phone of MTS.should I have to use the OMH simcard or any CDMA simcard I can get network.Where am I going wrong.please email me at sourav2348@gmail.com

    • MNR says:

      if you want to unlock mts mblaze standard or premium, ZTE AC2746 or AC2766 then do inform. It will cost Rs.700.

  3. kishori ray says:

    Today I brought Micromax – MMX 310G HSDPA USB Modem, it bears the stamp of Reliance and I got a sim card with Reliance with it. I was asking whether it works with airtel or other sim cards too, the reply was YES.
    I thought it would be easy to install, but whatever I tried there is no device visible.
    The salesman had hardly any idea of what he was selling, it was a micromax shop in Puri, Orissa. When I asked him about any computer shop in Puri, he could not name me any.
    Now after instaIllation, I cannot do anything. Could anyone be so kind as to give me a hand.
    kishoriray add gmail.com
    God bless those who spread light!

    • Ritesh jain says:

      After the Installation u need to create a profile for the operator u Choose, on going to tools u will find profile management, and the profile eg. for Airtel Prifile name: Airtel, Dial No: *99#, and the APN Name as airtelgprs.com now choose to save and set it to default. and go to connect ur internet.

  4. kishori ray says:

    Adding a note – I do not wish to use that reliance sim card, i am fine with my 2 sim cards of airtel and tata docomo.

  5. sobik says:

    i required 3G data card with any sim

  6. pratik says:

    what is my unlock code

  7. raymond miruko says:

    Iwant to unlock my Vodafone USB moderm because im not sustified with their servise.So please help me the way to unlock also unlock key(password)Thank you

  8. Bibhuti Sahoo says:

    Dear propiter
    I am a customer of your product.I purchased 4 mobile & an enternet modem(BSNL-3G),but near my house BSNL signal is very poor &not posible to connect enternet.So I want to connect TATA docomo enternet,Please tell me how I can connect or if nessesery a unlock number give me. Thanking you.

  9. kishore says:

    display full details of unlocked usb sim card modems with cost.

  10. Ketan Bhola says:

    Very useful information because I did not know that unlocked usb 3g data modems are even available. So now its better to buy an unlocked 3g data modem and then try out different 3g sim cards for approx Rs. 100 each to see which one has best network and speed in your actual area of use, rather than buy any one locked data modem for Rs 1200 – Rs 1800 and then get stuck to it and cry over bad network / speed.
    Thank You

  11. Shobhit says:

    Please tell me the best 3g unlock data card to buy…..i m cnfused bitween micromax and haewai…

    • MNR says:

      Huawei is far better than anyone. Go for either Huawei or ZTE only. Micromax is good but not matching with Huawei at all.

  12. guruveer says:

    i want to unlock my vlink usb modem. what it is possible?
    if not than i want to sold it at Rs.1200/- please contact me.
    at 072026guruveer@gmail.com

    • MNR says:

      Tell me exact make and model no. of your vlink modem. Also tell me its HSIA modem or 1X modem.

      Rs.1200 is too much price. people are selling their six months used mts mblaze premium only for Rs.400. Because LOCKED modems don’t have any re-sale value in the market.

      I am not intrested in buying this modem but if you want to unlock mts mblaze standard or premium, ZTE AC2746 or AC2766 then do inform. It will cost Rs.700.

  13. fazil says:

    my modem is lg lxu 800.by reliance cdma,iwant to change sim card of same connection,will it work?

  14. rAVI says:

    some one selling me ZTE 2746 @ 850/-…..is it fine to purchase on this rate? or
    also tell me with which operator we can work with it……?
    thanks in advance!!

  15. chitranjan singh says:

    sir . i have micromax 200c cdma data card .and i want to use it with variuos gsm sims lilke airtel.docomo etc.
    how i can use ……or is it possible to use after unlocking it…….
    kindly help me
    and also tell how much i have to spent for this ……plz be urgent

  16. raju says:

    im using bsnl capitel model Ce 200 i want to unlock hw can i do that and use other sims

  17. mani says:

    Vodaphone 7.2 mbps card (3675)locked?because Voda 3.6 mbps card not locked.In windows7 can by pass vodaphone software and connect from the modem properties. avaialble @rs1900.
    Airtel 7.2 mbps card .easy to unlock? Rs 2400 price selling @ rs 2000 (no free data)
    Aircel 7.2 mbps card Rs 2100 .(3GB free data for first 30 day-they say!) easy to unlock?
    Idea 7.2 mbps card also around Rs 2000.
    Reliance 7.2 mbps card -they say not locked -is it true.
    I somes time will use bsnl 3g/ voda 3g/ idea 3g.
    Happy with current 3.6 voda cad. need 7.2 mbps. Alcatel cheap but prefer ZTE/Huawei pref with out lock/ easy to by pass method.no loyalty for any 3G .use only for data.( no voice call,live tv etc bull shit)

  18. ND says:

    I bought MMX 352G – HSUPA – 7.2MBPS usb modem. I fitted idea sim (activated for 3g) in it.
    Connected that usb modem to PC. Micormax installation was successful and in that UI, I can see “Idea” with strong signal strength.
    But when tried to connect, getting message as “Dialing failed…” retry is also not successful.
    What settings do i need to do to access internet using idea sim & micromax MMX 352G USB modem?
    What should APN? what should be dialing number?
    Is there any other specific settings download required from Idea (just like in mobile they send us some settings to mobile phone?) in this case where I am using micomax usb modem?
    Thanks a lot for your help.
    – ND.

  19. Arghya says:

    I want to unlock my Vodafone USB moderm (Huawei K2540). Please help me with the way to unlock also unlock key(password)

  20. Vinoth Kumar.D. says:

    Respected brothers and sisters,i want to know airtel dongle unlock code….
    airtel dongle model is E173Bu-1…
    if u know then please reply me……. thanking you

  21. Mayur Khobe says:

    i also want to unlock my mts mblaze AC2766 dongle wat i hav to do …………?

  22. Soumen says:

    I want any gsm support used 3g data card @rs500

  23. Eldho says:

    i have an mts modem m-browse.how can i unlock it.MTS is a cdma network so is it possible to use GSM in mts netsetter..pls help…..

  24. ShivrAj says:

    Hey guys please help… I want to use my Tata docomo sim in my tata Photon device…
    Please please tel me how to do that… please

  25. sujoy says:

    i want want to unlock my vodafone datacard…….If it not possible then i sold it………plz cont:9088754177

  26. dhanyan ki says:

    dear propiter
    i have a idea netsetter E1732 huawei usb modem 7.2 mbps( Rs 2000 ). is this device unlockable?

  27. VIKAS says:


  28. kapilgupta says:


    I want to unlock my reliance broad band+ data card, how it can be done, where should i have to contact you and what will be the cost and how long will it take…???

  29. Ranjeet says:

    I want to buy an unlocked CDMA modem to use it with RIM , TATA or VIRGIN CDMA SIM . ANY ONE INTERESTED plz contact me , 09798969565 or ranjeetkrsa@gmail.com

  30. Relhish Babu K S says:


    This is Relhish. I have a micromax MMX352G with aircel 3G broadband. In my circle all towers are 2G. I am not satisfied in this internet access. I would like to unlock this device. Pls contact me via mail or phone – relhishbabuks@gmail.com (00-9809911188)

  31. rajendra says:

    i have relience cdma locked device ,how can unlocked this device call me on 9322904213

  32. indrakanta pal says:

    i want to use bsnl sim in K3570-Z usb stick . how it possible? can anyone answer me?

  33. MNR says:

    Guys, contact me on my mail id for your queries regarding unlocking your mts mblze modem of ZTE make. i.e. ZTE AC2746 and AC2766

    i will do remote unlocking of your modem. So now you need not to send me your modem via courier and hence saving in time & money plus safety of your modem.

    For this you need internet connection of good speed with your system 9another than your mblaze) and team viewer software installed on it. I can do this only on Saturday or Sunday only because during weekdays having hectic schedule.

    Unlocking cost is Rs.700 (online or offline bank transfer to my central bank of india account) and along with this I will also provide you another dialer software for your mblaze, so after inserting OMH SIM in it you can check out that whether modem is receiving signals or not. This can also be used to send and receive text SMSs also. Voice calling feature is there but not working under some OS configurations so do not guarantee about calling feature. This only will cost Rs.300 and the most important thing is that it is not available anywhere in the market. 🙂

    So your effective cost for unlocking comes at Rs.400 only. total cost of Rs.700 = Rs.400 unlocking + Rs.300 for dialer. Any charges for transferring amount to my bank account will have to be born by the buyer.

    If you still feel that cost is higher than it is slightly negotiable for the really intrested and needy buyer. 🙂

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