Ultimate Tips and Tracks for Blackberry Mobile Phone


Blackberry tips

Blackberry tips

A little device – Blackberry smart phone comes packed with an amazing amount of functionalists. But they aren’t so simple just like opening a user guide or surfing on the Internet. Actually, Blackberry mobile phones have hundreds of useful tricks and tracks.


I am going to provide you some valuable information about your phone that will allow you to run your device faster and smoother.

Shortcut Keys for Typing

  • By holding down the letter key, you can capitalize a letter with just one click.
  • For inserting a period in your text, you should click space twice.
  • If you want to type current date into the message, you can do it by pressing the L key followed by D key.
  • By pressing ALT key following by the left shift key, you can turn on Number lock.

Email and SMS sending

  • If you want to delete all the messages before a specific date, you should highlight the date with the cursor; hit the menu key of Blackberry phone and select Delete prior and confirm.
  • Now you can also do spelling check automatically of your messages by clicking on the Options icon on the screen of Blackberry home.
  • Moreover, if you want to check spelling manually, click on Blackberry Menu key within a composed message and select Check spelling.
  • For searching a sender or a word within a subject line or any mail folder, you should press the S key.
  • By hitting the ALT key following by the I key, you can access the complete list of messages within inbox.

Blackberry Applications
On your Blackberry mobile phone, you can use a large number of applications, the more power you are going to need. You can use many applications such as RSS reader, Facebook for Blackberry. But you must consider how much power all these applications employ. Always remember that there are many applications on Blackberry that eat up power only when in use. So if your phone’s battery life is of the essence, you must want to use them cautiously.

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