Airtel Digital TV : Features and Differences

Planning to bring a Satellite TV to your home? If so, there are a lot of options are available like Airtel Digital TV, Tata Sky, Dish TV, SUN TV etc. Furthermore, the mobile telephony war has provided a way to a great price war in the segment of direct-to-home (DTH) television.  Today Airtel Digital TV has revolutionalized our way for watching television in India. Now the television viewers need not to rely on the false assurances of cable operators.

Airtel DTH

Airtel DTH

Airtel Digital TV, a direct-to-home service offering by Bharti Airtel Ltd., brings for you the excellent quality picture and sound. With interactive features, it provides us the viewer control over the control. This digital television uses MPEG-4 digital compression along with DVB-S2 technology which transmits using INSAT 4CR 74 degree E. Some of exciting features of Airtel Digital TV are discussed below:-

•    This digital TV provides you a fabulous viewing experience by using MPEG4 DVB-S2 technology that will give guarantee you an unmatched picture quality and great sound.

•    With its innovative interactive services, the user can have a great experience of the magic of interactive TV such as booking movie tickets for himself and his family, surf the internet, planning your dream holiday, and much more.

•    You can also enjoy your favorite songs with All India Radio. There are ten channels to choose from that offer the best music on air. Moreover, there is no requirement to buy a separate receiver.

•    Now you can also view the last channel you are watching in the case of power failure. The Power resume function will remember your last channel which you are viewing when the power goes off and when the power comes back on, you can get back your channel whatever you are viewing.

•    Airtel Digital TV also comes with universal remote that will allow you to manage both your television and set top box with a single remote.

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